SKAM France : our blow of heart for a season 3 addictive

Season 3 of SKAM France is being broadcast on the platform France TV Slash. We told you why we love these episodes centered on the power couple Lucas and Elliott. Every day since the 19th of January, thousands of teenagers across the world are facing their dose of SKAM France on the social networks. A lot of waiting for a sequence of less than 5 minutes that will fall without warning during the day. The game is worth the candle because, a bit like an attraction at Disneyland, the clip of the day is often rich and strong emotions. A skilled mechanic and addictive which serves as a royally-season 3 currently airing, and which it is impossible to resist. The origins of The phenomenon Skam (“shame” in French) comes from Norway. Created by Julie Andem, the series attracts a mass audience of teens in a lot of fiction in local which they can identify. In the vein of its bigger sister the british Skins, she is interested in the daily lives of high school students with the themes and issues in modern their obligations. Each season focuses its plot on a particular character, around which revolve the secondary present throughout the series. The story of Isak, the hero of season 3, take off the hearings and brings the series to the international. Internet users around the world take themselves of passion for this character, his journey toward acceptance of his homosexuality and his beautiful love story with Even. NRK Tarjei Sandvik Moe aka Isak (right) and Henrik Holm alias Even (left) The concept With such unprecedented success, the string scandinavian NRK responds positively to requests for remakes. In 2017 the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, the netherlands and France announced the production of their Skam respective. On February 5, 2018, the public franco-belgian discovers his version on France TV Slash and RTBF Auvio. He learns how to become familiar with a format never seen before : the episodes, fifteen minutes, are compounds of clips broadcast each week on the platforms to the rhythm, at once exciting and frustrating, one per day, except Friday, on which day the episode is available in its entirety. More particularly, the clips are offered in real time, to the time at which takes place the scene. It is, therefore, to be on the lookout for the lesser traffic on the platform or social networks in order to be informed of the arrival of a new clip. In addition, the characters in the series have accounts in Instagram which are fed daily. What become quickly addicted. The Chosen one(s) If the first two seasons are successful correct, it is still the 3rd upside down, the digits and causes a flood of love on the internet. The alter ego of Isak is called Lucas. The awakening of his homosexuality, which has been undermined by their fears and prejudices, is approached with an accuracy disconcerting. His irrepressible crush on the mesmerizing Eliott will push him to finally take on, to the great delight of his friends and fans. Their relationship is passionate and transportante. It evolves gently, without haste, because fashioned with realism. And this is where the great strength of this series. Led by director David Hourrègue, the team has made it a point of honour to treat this round of episodes, both in a spirit of fidelity to the original and respect for the spectators but also for the purpose of conveying a discourse of openness. It emerges out of this season a true harmony between form and substance : the suspense, the directing, dramaturgy, light, music are all elements worked with a notable application. On his account Instagram , David Hourrègue sharing behind-the-scenes filming of some major scenes. Capture d'screen Axel Auriant (Lucas) and Maxence Danet-Fauvel (Eliott) Axel and Maxence Driven by a desire to honor this history, Axel Auriant and Maxence Danet-Fauvel are lectures. Completely dedicated, the duo has rushed headlong into the characters. Boasting a chemistry that is palpable, they managed to make the romance credible, evidenced by scenes of intimacy with a rare intensity, exhilarating, and unforgettable. Off camera, the two actors displayed a real complicity, and aim to pass on their message of love to the greatest number. And we must believe that the message has been heard in the four corners of the globe. On Youtube, where the episodes are put online by the channel, the clips you record between 300 000 and 700 000 views. One of them has passed the one million mark of views in 1 month. The impact is thunderous, and every day hundreds of internet users reflect the influence of the series on their own life, that it has helped them to accept themselves, to do their coming out, or love a little more. This love, Axel and Maxence them to make it well. In addition to taking the time to share moments with their fans or respond to their letters, the players do not hesitate to get involved. Of their own initiative, they decided to donate the revenue from one event to SOS Homophobia and SOS Autism. How not to love ? For all these reasons, the season 3 of SKAM France is a real nugget that we invite you to discover today on the platform France TV Slash, and on France 4.


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